RENDAR offers general courses to students without age limit at elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency levels. Student groups are very small, the largest consisting of no more than 6 participants, but many have as few as 4, 3 or 2 students. Although various aspects of the language are addressed, such as listening and reading comprehension, grammar, US/UK/Australian culture, the stress is laid on the ability to effectively communicate in English.

Specialist courses will prepare the students to the following examinations:


First Certificate in English


Cambridge Advanced English


Cambridge Proficiency in English


Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

'Maturity' exam

Students graduating from high school are formed into groups studying a whole array of grammatical/lexical issues related to the Polish 'Maturity' exam

English Philology

Students wishing to take entrance exams to the English Philology Department follow a separate course of study

While our policy is to offer classes happening on a twice-a-week basis rather than once-a-week sessions, it is of paramount importance to us to form groups in which students will find studying English enjoyable.

'You see, matching even as few as four people for age, English fluency and purpose turns out a tough nut to crack. In some cases a 14-year-old's language ability is so advanced that they'd have to be placed in a group with 18-year-olds. This may create what we like to call 'unfavorable atmosphere', where the older attendees may ostracize their younger mate. Conversely, placing the guy in his age group will be pointless. In such situations the only sensible suggestion might be to offer individual sessions once a week, at least for the time being. Oftentimes, perhaps several months later, a similar student shows up at the office and a two-person group is formed. Once it is joined by a third person, it already is financially feasible to shift to a twice-a-week system or significantly increase the duration of a once-a-week session'.

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Placement Test

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