' Once I realized that some of my work will focus on the spoken language in an informal context, I thought why not crank things up a notch and take a group up to the mountains where they might enjoy doing numerous activities, not necessarily resembling a school-type tasks in the true sense of the word'.


The 1st Summer School of English course was organized in 1996 in Wisła and lasted two weeks in early July. The group consisted of five adults, who spoke English not only to the teacher but to their group mates as well.


Since 1999 the summer camp has been organized on annual basis in one-week groups counting 6-8 students on average. While some are composed of high school students, many have children as young as 9. Typical syllabus contains numerous activities such as conversational tasks, role play games, board games, problem-solving tasks, sports: baseball, golf, hockey, cricket, archery, obstacle course, treasure hunt etc., matched to the age of the participants. Students also become movie actors and shoot their own film. No grammar is discussed while the sole means of instruction is English.


Summer Camp 2015:


English shop Jelly beans challenge160 Countries on the field160 I love this game Nicolas teaches golf














NYC cab charges uphill Thank you PF for Nutella Where she shines she sits Quizzing Maya160 The Cup Game












Two groups took part in the Summer Camp Program in 2014:














These pictures were taken in 2013 and before:





'It pays to be familiar with the rules of sports popular in the English-speaking countries since many of the related expressions have entered every-day language. Even though studying the theory in a book may help, we learn best holding an actual bat or club in our hands and trying to hit the ball'.


'Many of the activities are new to the students and part of the learning process is to understand what has to be done or how a board game is to be played, how points are scored and what it takes to win. Engrossed in a game, students tend to forget that the whole thing happens in English and may be less afraid of making mistakes'.
'So, the bottom line is you go to a nice guest house up in the mountains and speak English 24/7. Sounds like fun?' Then grab the phone and contact us!'

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