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For several years now we have co-operated with the Model Hobby bookstore, translating books on WWII written by Mr. Waldemar Trojca, a recognized Polish military author, currently residing in Germany . Many of Model Hobby titles have reached markets in Europe , North America , Australia and Japan .

'I have a whale of a time translating from Polish into English since this provides me with ample opportunity to work with English itself. The language has been my hobby since my final year at high school. If the text to be translated concerns World War II, another of my avid interests, I truly am on cloud nine! My primary focus is the Air and Naval War in the Pacific beginning from the Pearl Harbor attack and stretching well somewhere into the times of Santa Cruz . I have been collecting WWII aircraft replicas since elementary school and my inventory, recently enhanced by several aircraft completed by my son, now boasts some 70 birds and ca. 30 vehicles, all 1/72 scale. Most of what Waldek writes concerns tanks and it is he who taught me virtually all I know about armor. I still remember the day in January 2002 when, paying another visit to my favorite store in Katowice , I was buying another US truck. Having gathered a substantial collection of aircraft, I had wanted to buy a 1/72 jeep to be displayed with planes. So far I had struck out and each time the store owner, Mr. Ryszard Sładek, shook his head to my inquiry, I picked something else form his pile of WWII vehicles, many of which were tanks. I was only really interested in auxiliary vehicles, but this must have clearly gone unnoticed with Mr. Sładek, who took me for a seasoned armor 'veteran'. Since he knew I ran RENDAR (I had bought many aviation books in English at this store), Mr. Sładek asked me if I'd translate a book for them on the German King Tiger. Not having heard the term before but being fairly familiar with the Tiger in general, I pointed to a box artwork sporting a Tiger I and blurted out, 'Like this one?'. Mr. Sładek politely gave me to understand that although that thing also had a turret and two sets of metal bars joined together and running around the incredibly numerous wheels on both sides of it, it still was something completely different. What a blunder! Now I can easily tell the difference between Porsche-Turm and Series-Turm types'.


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